4 In-House NERDZ

Strategic Growth Marketers, 20 years business experience with a passion for innovation, entrepreneurship and next generation technologies underpinned by a record of success in planning and executing online and offline solutions.

Executive Consultancy
Web Design
Web Development
E-Commerce Shopping Cart
SEO & Marketing
Logo Design
Brand Identity & Logo Design

Meet the NERDZ

All with a huge passion for their respective fields in business development, design and creativity.


Brian is our Development Director, an avid learner with a passion for IT, engineering, and all schools of psychology. During his down time, he concentrates on family, academic reading, physical fitness, and believes to achieve real success requires a well-balanced lifestyle.


Agata is our passionate photographer who pays close attention to the smallest of details. Seeing the world as it is, Agata has the ability to transfer true beauty from the world through a lens, as everything in her eyes is a form of art. Working as a photographer has given Agata the opportunity to show how she perceives the world, producing extraordinary images for our clients.


Tom is our lead web developer and go to guy for anything web related. When he’s not building or maintaining websites he can often be found coding new functionality into our CMS software. Tom likes family days out, movies and gaming in his spare time.


James is our Graphic Designer with a real flare and passion for art. He has an exceptional eye for detail, and can code the pants off any personal computer. He enjoys cycling, and various other outdoor activities, he has a social life we can only describe as “busy”.

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